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From our hotel in the Landes

Discover the unmissable sites

Enjoy sweet escapes at the heart of the Landes Forest, enjoy historic walks in the walled towns and villages, try Armagnac, and discover artisans and local producers. The Landes district has many distinct faces. From gourmet to passionate, discover its many sides in under 45 minutes from the hotel.

To better get to know the natural features of the Landes, head north of Mont-de-Marsan into the open spaces of the Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park with its exceptional forest massif, one of the largest in Western Europe. At the heart of the park, the Marquèze Eco-Museum will take you back to life in the Landes de Gascogne during the 19th century. From the old station in Sabres, hop aboard the historic train for a journey back in time. In this lovely area at the heart of the pine forest, visit the traditional half-timbered houses with their antique furniture and ornaments. 

North-west of Mont-de-Marsan, the Landes d’Armagnac will open your eyes to history and gastronomy. The Bas-Armagnac, preserved within the pine forest, is the most exceptional territory producing the oldest spirit drink in France. Enjoy vintage Armagnac for exceptional moments, Floc de Gascogne for aperitifs, or Blanche d’Armagnac for original cocktails. And of course, there are many other drinks to try. 
At the heart of this wonderful territory, you’ll find walled villages and towns dating back to the Late Middle Ages. With their typical architecture, these are the true jewels of the Landes d’Armagnac. Definitely worth seeing are Labastide d’Armagnac (one of the South West’s loveliest walled towns), Saint Justin (which overlooks the River Douze) or Mauvezin d’Armagnac (founded around just one street).

South of Mont-de-Marsan and just 17 km from the hotel, the old medieval town of Saint Sever is absolutely worth a visit. A strategic city from the Middle Ages and important stop on the Camino de Santiago, souvenirs of a rich history engraved into the stone.